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Ayahuasca Ceremony in Cusco

consciousness awakening

12 Short Tour

23 reviews
Ayahuasca Ceremony in Cusco

Ayahuasca Ceremony in Cusco

consciousness awakening


12 Short Tour

23 reviews


Ayahuasca is a powerful South American psychedelic brew taken to heal, cleanse and stimulate the mind, body and spirit.

For centuries, masters have been cooking the ayahuasca plant (Banisteriopsi caapi) and chacruna bushes (Psychotria viridis) into a strong potion.

Regarded as a sacred medicine, ayahuasca is used in healing and spiritually enlightening ceremonies led by an experienced shaman.


Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • Ayahauasca ceremonies take place at night, in Huasao or another place (prior coordination with Illa Kuntur Travel team).
  • Around 17:30 to 18:00 PM we will meet at the Plaza de Armas to go to the healing house that is only 45 minutes from the downtown.
  • Upon arrival we will introduce ourselves to Master who will be waiting for us and we will sit down and have time to talk and get to know each other among all the group members.
  • Afterwards we will have some time to talk privately with the Master (to clarify our intentions before taking the Ayahuasca medicine).
  • Around 21:00 PM we go to the space where we will perform the ceremony, and we will settle in the place assigned by the Master.
  • After settling in our places we will begin the ceremony and little by little we will go deeper into our intentions, and we will be constantly supervised by Illa Kuntur Travel Team.
  • After taking ayahuasca, the effect begins, depending on each one, between ten minutes and one hour, and lasts between two and four hours.
  • Upon waking up we will have time to tell about our experience with Ayahuasca medicine and the Master will help us understand what we experienced and apply it in the following days.
  • Around 08:00 AM we will be ready to return to the City of Cusco and rest.


  • Transporte privado 
  • Master healers of ceremony with more than 30 years of experience with AYAHUASCA Medicine.
  • Medicine house in Huasao or other place. Coordinate with Illa Kuntur Travel team.
  • Translator (Spanish, English, Portuguese, etc.)
  • Mineral water for ceremonies (Optional)
  • Toilet paper (Optional)

No Included

  • Tips (Optional)
  • Other additional expenses
  • Food (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)


  • Confirmation will be received at the time of booking.
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Close to public transportation
  • Not recommended for travelers with back problems.
  • Not recommended for pregnant travelers.
  • No heart problems or other serious medical conditions.
  • Most travelers can participate
  • Not recommended for people under medication.
  • Not recommended for people with psychiatric disorders.
  • It is not recommended for people with personality disorder or bipolarity.
  • This is a private tour/activity. Only your group will participate.

Packing List

What To Bring

  • Warm jacket.
  • Rain poncho or waterproof jacket.
  • Extra pants or polo shirt
  • Andean style ceremonial clothing (Optional).
  • Chullos, gloves, ponchos, etc. (Optional).
  • Mineral water of your choice.



Travel Guide

  • After taking ayahuasca, the effect begins, depending on each one, between ten minutes and one hour, and lasts between two and four hours.
  • The master uses different plants that modulate the effect, such as Tabaco, mapacho, incense, flowery water, etc. Each medicine plant has its own effect, which adds to the total experience.
  • Therefore, the duration, and intensity of the ayahuasca session experience.
  • The teacher will decide the necessary dose, especially for people who take it for the first time, so that they first become familiar with the effects of Ayahuasca before offering them more doses if they prefer.
  • The experience with ayahuasca produces sensitivity in the way of perceiving reality. The texture of reality can become bright, colorful, and composed of patterns and luminous threads of vibrating energy that varies according to each person and their essence.
  • The beginning of the experience is usually noticed when, with eyes open and closed, the texture of reality changes and begins to take on that peculiar quality mentioned.
  • Sounds from the ears can also be amplified, announcing that the effects are approaching.
  • During the experience, visions usually appear in symbols, but also clearly identifiable sharp images. Emotions are perceived more intensely and memories that were thought to be forgotten can be accessed.
  • Fears or difficult emotions may also appear that may be accompanied by blockages in the body (pain, tension, etc.). The best thing to do in difficult moments is to breathe slowly and deeply, let yourself be carried away by the music, and have confidence in the process that ayahuasca imprints and in the guide.
  • It is very important that when the process is strong, we thank Ayahuasca Medicine for healing us (Añay mama Ayahuasca for helping me in my process).
    It can happen, especially in beginners, to have no effect, in that case, you can ask the teacher to increase a little more medicine (Optional).


Number of persons Price per person
  • We perform the ceremony with a minimum of 2 people in private or shared group.
  • Up to 15 people plus a member of Illa Kuntur Travel team.
  • If there are more than 6 participants we have other larger places to perform the ceremony (Every 5 participants a master healer).
  • With these prices we do not include taxes such as VAT.

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