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Hike to Huchuy Qosqo in 1 full day

Enjoy a unique impressive trek to small Cusco!

1 Day Day Trip

23 reviews
Hike to Huchuy Qosqo in 1 full day

Hike to Huchuy Qosqo in 1 full day

Enjoy a unique impressive trek to small Cusco!


1 Day Day Trip

23 reviews


Hike to Huchuy Qosqo in 1 full day: If you are going to Cusco and looking for an exciting and unusual trip, visiting beautiful Andean landscapes, small communities and a fascinating archaeological site, then we recommend the Huchuy Qosqo day tour.

You will be able to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and spend the day in the middle of nature learning all about the magnificent surroundings and the Inca history.

Huchuy Qosqo is located to the north of the imperial city and its name translated from Quechua means “Little Cusco”. It is an archaeological site little visited, but really wonderful.

Experts say that it was initially an administrative and military center near the Inca site of Pisac. Inside the archaeological park, you will be able to observe Inca constructions with delicate stone work perfectly executed.

In addition, you will know the grain warehouses called Colcas that were used to store and preserve food, since it was also an important agricultural center to produce corn (an essential food source for the Inca culture).

Join us on this intrepid day trip that will take you through picturesque Andean landscapes to a unique and rarely visited archaeological park. If you wish, you can book this tour with us any day of the week and enjoy some peace and quiet on this peaceful route away from the city.

This hike offers a wonderful combination of natural beauty and contrasts in the landscape, wildlife, and ancient cultures. In addition, it will take you through impressive high altitude forests and grasslands covered with fresh straw, where herds of llamas and alpacas roam freely and graze throughout the day. You will pass through small communities, you will see how the local people carry out their daily rural activities, then, you will descend towards the archaeological site.

The Huchuy Qosqo trek will take you on an absolutely stunning route, through the hills to the lesser known Inca site of Huchuy Qosqo. This park is located on a plateau with impressive views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the snow-capped peaks of the Vilcabamba mountain range. Inside, you can explore and learn everything about the ancient culture of the Incas.

You will no longer have to worry about anything, we take care of all the logistics and we guarantee that you will have all the food you need, in addition to managing the transportation to and from the departure and arrival points.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide, passionate about the region and its history, who will be happy to share everything he knows with you.


  • Hike through the beautiful Andean landscapes and enjoy the most amazing views.
  • Tour small communities located in the middle of the mountains and observe how they carry out their daily lives far from the city.
  • Enjoy an off-the-beaten-path hike to a little-visited and unique archaeological site in Cusco.
  • Explore the fascinating archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo in the company of an expert guide.
  • Learn all about the region and the history of the Inkas.



Our exciting adventure begins at 7:00 in the morning, when we will go to your hotel to pick you up. First of all, we will go to the small town of Qorao (Ccorao or Corao), which is located about 30 minutes from Cusco, and then continue on a small road towards the high part of the Andes and the small town of Patabamba (3850 m / 12,631 ft).

Then, we will continue for another fifteen minutes to the Qoricocha lagoon (4,050 m / 13,287 ft), from where we will begin our trek. On the tour, be sure to look out the windows, as the Andean landscape is mesmerizing.

Once we reach the starting point, we will ascend for 45 minutes to the Apacheta pass (4,200 m / 13,780 ft), it will be our highest point of our trek. From here, the rest of the way is a descent of approximately two hours, so it will not be difficult for the legs.

On the tour we will first arrive at the ancient community of Pukamarca, where we will have a short break to then continue our journey through beautiful green valleys and the impressive Puma Punku canyon (“La Puerta del Puma”); from here, you will walk a section of the original Inka Trail, which was restored as part of the Qhapaq Ñan project.

The Inka Trail is one of the best known trails in the world, so this is an exciting addition to your trip.

This tour will take you to the isolated and mysterious Inka site of Huchuy Qosqo “El Pequeño Cusco” (3600 m / 11,811 ft), which is located above the Sacred Valley of the Inkas. When you arrive, your guide will escort you through the archaeological park and show you all the impressive Inka constructions on the site: the sacred temples, the storehouses, the terraces for agriculture, and the Inka reservoir used to store water during the dry season. It really is a very interesting place to visit where you will learn a lot about the Inkas.

After your guided tour, we will have a short break while we enjoy a box lunch. Then, we will begin a two-hour descent until we reach the town of Lamay (2,941 m / 9,649 ft), located next to the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley. From there, we will take you in our private transport to your accommodation in Cusco. Finally, at night you will have enough time to go out for dinner and rest.

  • MEALS: Boxed lunch
  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate
  • WALKING DISTANCE: (12 km / 7.46 miles) – (6 to 7 hours)
  • ELEVATION: (3,700 m / 11975 ft – 4,100 m / 13,451 feet)


  • High quality service and security
  • Experienced tour guide
  • An official tour guide fluent in English and Spanish will accompany you along the route. 
  • Medical or first aid kit
  • Additional services included in our program
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Lunch (box lunch)
  • For the walk, we will provide you with a bottle of water and snacks with local fruits, cookies, chocolate, candies, etc.
  • All transportation is included in this tour. We will pick you up from your hotel and after the tour we will take you back to the door of your hotel in Cusco.
  • Entrance ticket to the archaeological site of Huchuy Qosqo.

No Included

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Personal hiking equipment
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for our staff
  • Tipping is usual in any excursion in Peru. Although we pay good salaries to our entire team, a little extra is always appreciated.
  • Additional costs or delays beyond our control
  • Landslides, bad weather conditions, itinerary modifications due to a security problem, diseases, pandemics, changes in government policies, political instability, strikes, acts of God, etc.


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Travel Guide

What is the best season to visit Huchuy Qosqo?

The best season to visit Huchuy Qosqo is in the Dry Season, between the months of April – October, because in the rainy season this wonder is not appreciated in all its splendor because it is covered with clouds, besides being a changeable climate.

Can altitude sickness affect me during the Huchuy Qosqo Tour?

The altitude of the places in the Huchuy Qosqo Trek are higher than the city of Cusco, however, in order to avoid the symptoms of altitude sickness we recommend you to have an acclimatization time of one or two days in the city of Cusco walking without much effort.

What are the altitudes during the Huchuy Qosqo sites?

The altitudes vary according to the place to visit:

Chinchero: 3760 masl.
Pucajasa Pass: 4400 masl.
HuchUy Qosqo: 3700 masl.

How to make a reservation?

Contact us through the different means. The price is also indicated in the section “Cost” and set the date of the activity.


Number of persons Price per person

The ”Hike to Huchuy Qosqo in 1 full day” can depart any day of the week, all year long.


Price: US$ 95.00 per person

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Please note that WeTravel charges a 2.9% fee, which we ask the customer to cover as it is due to the use of their service. This tax is for online deposits only.

Price guarantee

This small group tour is guaranteed to operate with only two guests.

We like to think that our services are a bit different than our competitors. We stand by our clients and guarantee that we comply 100% with our prices and our departure dates on all our trips.

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